Office Cost

The average number of square feet required to provide a suitable office space per employee is 80. The average cost per square foot for new commercial construction is $200.00. A bit of simple math tells us that office space cost about $16,000 per employee.

That does not include common space, restrooms, kitchen facilities and meeting rooms. It is pretty easy to see how much can be saved with a well planned and implemented Telework program.

If we change the scenario to renting rather than construction we still can see significant savings from a Telework to staffing over the traditional approach.

We can provide a complete package for your Telework program, from the furniture to the communications, training, tracking and security. We can even provide the technical support for your Teleworkers.

The savings on office cost at the national level from Telework programs reaching 40% of the working population is a staggering 124 billion dollars a year.