Research has been going on since 2000 and the verdict is great news for all sizes and types of businesses. Teleworking increases productivity, reduces costs, increases staffing options and reduces staff turnover. Here of some statistics:

  • 84 of the Fortune 100 companies offer telecommuting or remote work in some formĀ 40_79
  • As of 2010, 26.6 million U.S. employees worked at home at least one day a week with estimates that 63 million will telecommute by 2016
  • Almost one in four employers are planning to offer a telecommuting option as part of both real estate cost reduction and business continuity plans
  • 29% have begun offering telecommuting as a way to improve staff retention rates in the last 12 months.
  • Flexible Work Arrangements rank #2 in importance after compensation for people seeking new employment