The history and statutory framework for establishing Telework began more than a decade ago as an effort to address transportation concerns and grew into an important flexible work arrangement and a powerful recruitment and retention tool for the Federal Government.  Over the years, Telework has continued to receive attention due to its potential to improve employee morale, enhance work-life balance for employees, improve the competitive position of the Federal Government for recruiting and retaining the best and brightest workforce, increase Federal agency capacity to achieve mission and operational goals, and maximize organizational productivity.

In recent years, the focus has expanded to view Telework as a strategic management tool for coping with potential disruptions in the workplace due to severe weather or other emergencies, and as a recruitment tool to increase access to talent pools. What seems clear is that Telework will continue to receive attention within the Federal Government as a human capital strategic tool that provides a number of important benefits and flexibilities to organizations and employees alike.

From a non-government organizations point of view, it would make sense to adopt the Telework approach. Otherwise governmental organizations will end up with your super-star employees.